Giving you purpose that will make a positive social impact through your furloughed time

If you have been furloughed or find yourself having to work from home, then we have an amazing opportunity for you. We can help you to deliver greater purpose to your time and deliver social value to the communities you live and work in.

While you may not be legally allowed to work for your employer, volunteering is permissible under the furlough regulations. We can help you identify charities and community groups that need your help NOW.

We need your help to build a vibrant and dynamic giving marketplace.

There are so many people, charities and community projects that need your help in these unprecedented times. Your knowledge, skills and networks can be invaluable to others and even though you may be limited to your home. Calls, emails and online communication can still make a difference to set up the delivery of goods and items, professional services, gifting from companies you may know, through to charitable acts of kindness, and even the smallest of donations when multiplied across networks can make a big difference.

Use this time to make a real difference

Investors In Community provides a marketplace allowing you to do something positive, that has social impact, and an outcome which will give you a sense of purpose.

We match businesses and individuals, with charities and local community groups to make that difference. Our platform provides an opportunity to:

  • Post the skills and services that you can offer during this time
  • To tell us about charities or community projects that are not on the platform that you know off and wish to help, let us know and we will add them.
  • Look for charities and community projects in your area that will benefit from your support and help.

Earn Community Credits and show your Social Value

Every act of giving is measured and rewarded by system generated Community Credits. These can then be used to show an individual’s social value and legacy for good.

We have been asked to do nothing, but there is something we can do to give purpose to our time and build a legacy for good.

There is no doubt that the coronavirus crisis is having a devastating impact on the Third Sector, meaning charities and community projects will struggle to operate. Charities are facing a massive loss of revenue through fundraising events being cancelled, household giving squeezed, and government contracts in jeopardy as well as a huge reduction in volunteering due to the essential social distancing.