Volunteering is permissible under the furlough regulations.

Under new rules from March 1 and running for at least three months, companies can now “furlough” employees rather than fire them. Through this scheme, the government will pay up to 80 per cent of people’s wages, up to a maximum of £2,500 per month. Anyone working in a full time job (or on a PAYE basis) on February 28 can be furloughed. This includes people on zero hours contracts or those working flexibly.

Being placed on furlough is similar to gardening leave. You would still be paid by your employer and will still pay taxes from your income — but you would not be able to continue working for your employer for the duration of the furlough. In this case, you would effectively be paid not to work until the end of June. this also means that any comms you receive from your employer should be non-work related.

The government guidance on the Job Retention Scheme is absolutely clear that if an employer wants to fall within the scheme for any furloughed employees, those employees will not be able to do any work for the employer. Moreover, any training or volunteering carried out by employees on furlough must not make money for or provide services to their employer either.

You can also undertake volunteer work, although you should take care to follow Government guidance on social distancing and self-isolation, as well as adhering to any updated or subsequent guidance in the event of a full lock-down.


Volunteering can really help our mental wellbeing by giving us a sense of purpose and value during this difficult and trying time.

Five Ways Of Giving.

You can set up a free account and gain Community Credits for each act of giving.

  1. pro bono support
  2. volunteering
  3. donations
  4. gifting of any item or service, or
  5. to set up a fundraiser